Celebrating the launch of Appital Turquoise BookBuilder™


Appital and Turquoise launched Appital Turquoise BookBuilder™ at a ceremony in September 2022 held at London Stock Exchange to commemorate the successful inaugural trades in August of the world’s first algorithmic bookbuilding platform with participation from everyone involved in the run-up to launch.

The event was a great celebration to cement the partnership between Appital and Turquoise, the industry champions who have helped us deliver a new workflow for the buyside, and in particular, the Appital team of technologists, who have been working tirelessly on our mission to bring innovation and transparency to equity markets.

Appital Turquoise BookBuilder™ gives institutional investors the opportunity to proactively source liquidity. By bringing a historically highly manual and opaque process into an automated, electronic platform, they gain control over the entire bookbuilding process. Buyside firms benefit from liquidity discovery and price formation opportunities for illiquid equity positions, as well as the ability to execute large volumes on the regulated Turquoise MTF, often in multiple days’ ADV, with minimal market impact or risk of price erosion.

Photos of the launch event are below and you can read our press release here.

Headshot of Press Office Press Office