Unlocking liquidity in global equity markets

Appital Beta now live.

The Appital platform allows buy-side firms to gain greater exposure to deal flow opportunities they have not been able to access before, helping portfolio managers and heads of trading build a comprehensive picture of liquidity in highly illiquid, small and mid-cap stocks.

Appital enables deal participants to uncover and unlock liquidity, providing deal originators with opportunities to execute large volumes, often in excess of 5 days of ADV, with minimal market impact or risk of price erosion.

Our book-building and allocation methodology is transparent, unbiased and unconflicted, delivering a fair outcome for all market participants and unlocking liquidity that has historically been difficult to access.

Press Release

Appital Appoints Former Fidelity Head of Capital Markets Greg Bennett and Founder of Blackheath Capital Management Stephane Carty as Non-Executive Directors

Efficient and Transparent

Appital provides an efficient and transparent book-building platform driving demand and matching supply in trading 5+ ADV of illiquid, small and mid cap equities.

The Appital platform allows buy-side firms to gain exposure to a market and deal flow opportunities they have not been able to access before. Investors can now identify and match the supply and demand of hard-to-find, high volume liquidity and execution opportunities not catered for by the current market structure or trading venues.

Visibility and Control

Platform users maintain visibility and control over the entire process. The Appital platform enables deal participants such as PMs and heads of trading to highlight the types and sizes of opportunities they are looking for, specifying market, sector, market cap and size of interest.

Deal originators looking to sell a position can list their equity on Appital, confident that their information is only being flagged to relevant deal participants who have a high probability of having an interest.

Unbiased and Unconflicted

Our book-building methodology is highly efficient, unbiased and unconflicted. Deal originators and participants can be confident that the allocations are based on a consistent and replicable allocation methodology. This ensures an unprecedented level of transparency and fairness to all participants and is in line with best execution requirements.

Book-building profiles and parameters are set by originators to ensure buy-side participants are only exposed to relevant liquidity. The matching of orders will be shown automatically, unlocking liquidity that historically remain difficult to access. Deal participants will receive confirmation that their trade profile has matched an opportunity and that their indications of interest are reflected in the book building as they are entered.