Unlocking latent liquidity in global equity markets

Appital Beta now live.

We bring innovation and automation to equity capital markets to address one of the biggest pain points for the buy-side community: the lack of transparency and efficiency across legacy book building and deal distribution processes and the constant pursuit of liquidity.

We enable the buy side community to discover latent liquidity and gain greater exposure to relevant deal flow opportunities they have not been able to access before, while interacting with like-minded institutions in the liquidity formation process.

Our platform offers real-time visibility, full transparency and maximum control over the book building and deal distribution process. Buy-side firms are now able to set deal preferences to proactively drive liquidity, including in highly but not limited to illiquid, small and mid-cap stocks, confident that only relevant participants are alerted to liquidity opportunities.

Our deal distribution methodology is highly efficient, unbiased and unconflicted, offering an alternative to traditionally opaque and inefficient processes, delivering the right amount of information to the market to drive liquidity.

Press Release

Appital Appoints Former Fidelity Head of Capital Markets Greg Bennett and Founder of Blackheath Capital Management Stephane Carty as Non-Executive Directors

Unlocking latent liquidity

Appital provides the buy-side community with a more automated, efficient and unconflicted book-building process that enables investors to proactively source latent liquidity and drive the book building process.

Working with some of the world's largest asset management firms, we have delivered a new deal-building platform to identify and match supply and demand of hard-to-find, high volume liquidity and execution opportunities not catered for by the current market structure, where the majority of block trading activity is reactive by nature.

Driving deeper liquidity

By bringing the liquidity discovery and book building process onto the platform, Appital effectively enables a larger and more diverse number of like-minded institutional investors to participate in the liquidity formation process and gain greater exposure to deal flow opportunities.

As a result, Appital deepens the pool of liquidity available to the buy-side community. This is particularly crucial for those looking to trade highly illiquid, small and mid-cap stocks, often in excess of 5+ days ADV, that have historically been difficult to access.

Visibility and control

The Appital platform offers full transparency and control over the book building, allocation and distribution process and the ability to set individual deal parameters.

Deal originators have real-time access to the entire life cycle of the distribution process, allowing them to set the parameters for the type and number of deal participants they are looking for and make distribution adjustments throughout. Deal participants can set parameters to ensure they are only alerted to relevant opportunities.