Unlocking liquidity in global equity markets

Launching in early 2020

We are opening up a new world of opportunity for institutional investors by leveraging technology to dramatically improve the illiquid equity market.
We are transforming the market into one that is safer, faster and better connected.

By using process automation, digitisation and dynamic profiling we are able to connect relevant flow to global portfolio managers instantly, increasing market efficiency and creating opportunity for all participants.


With our investor profiling functionality and analytics engine, we are able to target the most relevant parts of the market every time. Not only does this streamline opportunity targeting, but it also removes unnecessary transmission of sensitive information.


Throughout every step of the way, users are in control and aware. We promote this with openness and optionality all through the execution process, and we also ensure that information dissemination is always in the hands of the provider.


We offer detailed information flows that users within the market have never been privy to before. Transparency is core to an efficient marketplace, and this is central to our offering.