Proactively sourcing liquidity. Driving the bookbuilding process.

Real-time visibility, full transparency and maximum control over the bookbuilding and deal distribution process in publicly listed equities.

The Equity Capital Marketplace Reimagined.

Targeted Distribution. Efficient Bookbuilding. Seamless Integration.

Targeted Distribution. Latent liquidity unlocked.

Appital offers institutional investors a new platform to proactively source liquidity, including in highly illiquid securities (often above 5 days ADV) in the pursuit of returns for the end investor.

Investors set preferences and targets for types and sizes of opportunities to ensure they are only exposed and alerted to relevant liquidity.

Efficient Bookbuilding. Visibility and control.

The Appital platform offers full transparency and control over the distribution, bookbuilding and allocation process in over 20 global markets and the ability to set individual deal parameters.

Deal originators have real-time access to the entire life cycle of the distribution process, allowing them to set the parameters for the type and number of deal participants they are looking for and make distribution adjustments throughout.

Seamless Integration. Plug and trade.

The Appital platform can be integrated into existing OMS and EMS systems via FIX and existing executing workflows via Turquoise.

Our end-to-end processes are secure, fully automated and deliver the visibility and transparency necessary for internal compliance, external audit and regulatory reporting.


Empowering the buyside.

“Unlocking latent liquidity and executing multiple days’ ADV is essential to achieving our investment objectives. We welcome Appital’s innovative peer to peer access of hard-to-find liquidity and executing large volumes using Appital Turquoise BookBuilder™ without market impact or the risk of price erosion. Appital’s intuitive interface and integration made adoption easy.”
Headshot of Emil Framnes
Emil Framnes
Global Head of Trading and Transition at Norges Bank Investment Management
“Bookbuilding workflows are manual and opaque, adding risk to the largest orders we manage. The industry needs a more efficient way to discover liquidity, particularly in highly illiquid stocks. Appital offers the buy-side community an innovative way to interact with like-minded institutions in the bookbuilding distribution and price formation process.”
Headshot of Paul Squires
Paul Squires
Head of Trading EMEA Equities at Invesco
“Appital is an innovative company which has the potential to solve inefficiencies in accessing significant volume in less liquid securities. What’s more, the platform gives the buyside greater control and transparency over their bookbuilding process.”
Headshot of Richard Worrell
Richard Worrell
Head of EMEA Equity Trading at Janus Henderson Investors, Chairman of the Investment Association Buyside Trading Committee

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The Equity Capital Marketplace Reimagined.

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